the Gemini Woman and Pisces Man

When Pisces and Gemini unite, they can be a very mutually satisfying couple. There are a few things this couple should know in order to be successful in a lasting relationship. The two signs are at right angles in the Zodiac, which means that this can be a challenging match. These challenges can be overcome with patience, and understanding, but you will both need to be committed in order for it to work between you.

Pisces processes things differently than Gemini does. While Gemini, an air sign, is more concerned with matters of the mind; Pisces, a water sign, is more concerned with emotional matters. This can lead to miscommunication between you. A Pisces/Gemini couple needs to understand how their partner communicates in order to have a smooth relationship. Though Pisces likes social settings and conversation, much of the way you see and understand the world is nonverbal. This is a direct reflection of the way Pisces is most comfortable communicating. Gemini needs to understand this, because they are naturally not as receptive to that kind of interaction.

Pisces needs to learn to allow Gemini a moment to gather their thoughts. Once they calm their continuously thinking mind, Gemini can be very insightful. If Pisces can allow them this time, they will see that Gemini is not as shallow as they might at first appear, and this will add fodder to relationship.

This couple can also be very emphatic, which allows this relationship to be as flexible as both signs like. While Pisces sees things in a dreamlike way, Gemini is open-minded. Gemini can bring humor and direction that helps focus dreamy Pisces. This relationship can have a very solid base, as these signs are great friends as well as lovers.

When the man in this relationship is a Pisces and the woman a Gemini, this can be a blissful match. Pisces men a very attractive with their dreamy looks and nature that is so passionate. They are naturally attractive to women, and Gemini is no exception. Be careful that Gemini isn’t too thoughtless, as Pisces feelings are easily hurt, even male Pisces. This match can also be a bit self-destructive, as Pisces longs for adoration from their mate, and Gemini loves freedom. Pisces needs to be careful to not be too constricting, or Gemini will be making a run for it.

When the women in the relationship is a Pisces and the man a Gemini, the combination can be a bit unstable. You are both looking for different things from a relationship. Pisces needs Gemini to be more grounded, which is hard for this air sign. Gemini is easily bored by something they used to like, and a Gemini man might love something about you one day, and be put off by it the next. Pisces feelings can be easily hurt in this situation, as she is more sensitive than he is, and feelings are not of the utmost importance to him. However, a Pisces woman has a lot of powers of persuasion over men, with Gemini not being an exception. Use this power wisely. You can teach him a lot about the heart, and he has much to show you about the mind. He also can teach you a better means of communication which can give this relationship a better chance at lasting.

Even when these two signs do have problems, they tend to forgive easily. Gemini doesn’t take the time to hold a grudge, and Pisces is able to see their partners true intentions, making it equally hard to stay upset. Their planets are also complimentary, Pisces’ Jupiter, who is all about learning and philosophy, makes Pisces eager to know new things. Gemini’s Mercury is focused on innovation and invention, which Pisces understands on a deep level.

Typically an Air and Water sign have a hard run in the relationship gamut. However, if they are able to build on their understanding of each other, the Pisces/Gemini couple can be a fairly complete whole. Gemini brings the intellectual part of the relationship, and Pisces the emotional. Put together, these two signs are a smart and compassionate couple.

Both signs are mutable, which means that neither feels the need to be the leader of the relationship, and they can both do what they need to make it work well without stifling one another. It also means that they are both flexible, and deal well with change, something that is very good in this couple.

One of the best things about this couple is that they are so companionable. They are friends, and lovers, and that makes this a great match. They both bring flexibility to the relationship, and are able to accept their differences because of that. This can be a wonderful match, one that runs deep and is long lasting.


Sage Krusi said...

So I'm a gemini female, and I'm infatuated with a pices male. I love how smart he is, how well versed in many things, how nice refreshing he is. The only problem is that I get nervous around him and so the conversation is super awkward. I'd really like to be friends, maybe something more if he is so inclined, but I haven't a clue how worm my way in his affections. Help?

Mark Dunn said...

Im a Pisces and really is feeling this Gemini female,after reading this makes me feel that we could possibly be a match for eachother,she's a beauty

Anonymous said...

I am a Pisces, just tell him exactly how you feel & your Pisces man will do the rest

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous.. tell your Pisces male your interest in him if he likes you he will focus his attention on you and take it from there.

Anonymous said...

As a Gemini female in a relationship with a Pisces male, my only advice can be to become friends first, lovers second. The friendship will endure any hardship. Friendsip with a Pisces male is not difficult as long as you are sincerely interested, he will spot a fake 10 miles away. Good luck!

Gemini Woman said...

Im a Gemini and in love with a pisces male. DO not push him into a relationship. Must be friends first. and gain his trust. If he is interested in you he will always want to hang around you. Watch his eyes. He always stairs at me. We laugh and talk for hours. I live with him too. he rented a room in my house. He now cooks for me all the time and little touches. I feel he will make his move soon. Pisces when they fall in love and they do want to be with you. They will take the time because if your the one he will be yours forever. Warning NEVER lie to him and GIVE him his space.I can so feel he is going to make his move (kiss me)any day. Never interrupt him when he is talking too.

Anonymous said...

So true they can be controlling as well. I'm a gem with a Pisces male very attentive but very jealous too.

suzanna lilly sug said...

I have lived with a Picses man for 32 years. He wants your approval badly. He will perceive your birdlike ways as disapproval. Give him tangible "love you"'s daily and tell him you are the bird, he is the hand. He can learn to love ur flyaways when gifts are brought. My hurt Picses is OCD. He will crowd me.Explain ur need to fly. Teach him how to be your hand(feed you,care 4 you).check out bird and hand relationships on internet.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pisce male and you hit the nail on the head. DON'T lie to him he will always know and then you lost him. Also don't be pushy he'll run. Also , he will always want to be with you , get use to it or you'll feel smothered